I’m a young and passionated reportage and documentary photographer. Recently finished the Bachelor of Audio Visual Techniques: Photography in Brussels, Belgium and an additional semester of photography at the Pathshala South Asian Media Institute located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
Making reportages all around the world is what drives me into the unknown. Every time again, I leave home to capture all kinds of stories from the arctic in Sweden to the desert in India to get a close look at different cultures and societies.
The camera is often the key to many stories that have to be told, shown and distributed all over the world. To be able to enrich not only my knowledge but also that of many other people, I like to go out and tell as many stories as possible.
By going on a journey with my camera, I hope to contribute to our image and storytelling culture doing what i love doing most. Photography.
Thank you for stopping by, feel free to have a look around my website and follow my work, development and life in pictures.
If you are interested in buying prints please do not hesitate to contact me.
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